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The energy sector is transforming rapidly, and utilities must reimagine and navigate customers relationships differently than in the past. Decentralization, decarbonization, and digitization are major factors affecting how utilities partner with their commercial and industrial (C&I) customers. Guidehouse understands these impacts and is actively partnering with utilities on new ways to strengthen and grow their relationships with their customers. We know that utilities have diverse needs and are evolving at different stages. Our experts meet utilities and their C&I customers where they are in their journey to deliver sustainable and equitable solutions. Through our holistic approach, we assess, plan, and deliver best fit offerings that flex to meet unique needs, allowing utilities to further relationships with and deliver the right products and services to their C&I customers.

How We Help

  • Guidehouse creates value for C&I customers by identifying and delivering innovative clean energy products and services that meet emission goals, increase cost savings, and provide comfort to customers and employees. 
  • We identify and implement growth-oriented business models for utilities that drive value for shareholders regardless of industry disruption.
  • Our experts provide a collaborative framework where utilities and regulators work in partnership to support and help advance growth opportunities for both the utility and the C&I customer.
  • We take a systematic approach to developing and executing solutions that ensure sustainable and resilient infrastructure to eliminate vulnerabilities and provide quality, safe, and secure energy.
  • We provide market and customer insights along with analytics to deliver a clear understanding of C&I customer needs, and we position utilities to serve as trusted advisors, enabling deeper customer engagement and satisfaction.

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