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Guidehouse’s global team of data analytics experts help energy providers transform immense datasets into actionable intelligence with the latest advances in data science, predictive analytics, and machine learning.

How We Help

  • Utility Knowledge Management
    We help clients respond to pressures by closing gaps in organizational knowledge. Utility Knowledge Management enables utilities to look beyond just data to capture, organize, validate and expand all the forms of knowledge in their organization. Utilities can ensure they are collecting the right knowledge for each business process and making the knowledge usable to anyone throughout the firm as new use cases arise.
  • Utility Data Solutions 
    We work with utilities to implement and refine existing enterprise data strategies to ensure they are positioned to gain the most value from their data. We share best practices, envision the potential future state, and then work with our clients to build and deliver a roadmap of required capabilities, followed by the design and implementation of data governance solutions.
  • Analytics Center of Excellence 
    We guide utilities in developing a new or existing analytics center of excellence to ensure they get the most from their data across the entire enterprise. We leverage our hands-on analytical experience and deep utility and OT/IT expertise to deliver practical and actionable strategies for building the people capabilities within our clients’ organizations to make analytics a core component of day-to-day operations.

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