Managing Hidden Carbon Risks in Financial Portfolios

What Is Next for Internal Carbon Pricing - Part 1

Join Guidehouse and the Generation Foundation for part 1 of a two-part webinar series on What Is Next for Internal Carbon Pricing. Managing Hidden Carbon Risks in Financial Portfolios will dive into datasets financial institutions can use to uncover hidden carbon risks and how to use ICP to manage these risks. This webinar also includes a presentation on the Carbon Pricing Unlocked (CPU) partnership and the Inevitable Policy Response to prepare investors for portfolio risks from climate change.

Since 2016, the Generation Foundation and Guidehouse have teamed up to tackle carbon pricing from a new angle under the CPU partnership. Combining in-depth expertise with a high-level stakeholder network, the CPU partnership has published guides and papers on how ICP could be better used at both business practice and portfolio levels to manage carbon risks and seize value chain opportunities.

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Webinar - 10AM EDT

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