Securing the Grid in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0 - A Guidehouse Webinar Series

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Watch the second installment of a new Guidehouse webinar series, Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0. In this webinar, Guidehouse’s experts examine the benefits and threats brought about by Fourth Industrial Revolution advances and how utilities can prepare for the best and protect against the worst. 


Technical advances are changing the way industry works. The advent of ubiquitous connectivity, sophisticated analytics and IT systems, cloud-based applications, and automation—i.e., the Fourth Industrial Revolution—is creating new opportunities and benefits for grid operators, but also new vulnerabilities. 

Assets all the way at the grid edge may now collect data on grid performance and stability, power loads, distributed energy resources (DER) integration, outages, and more. This data, sent over wired or wireless networks to the cloud or centralized operations centers, is then fed into analytics and other emerging IT systems that can dramatically improve grid reliability, efficiency, and resiliency. At the same time, however, this dramatic rise in connectivity increases the surface area for cyber breaches throughout the grid, thus also presenting a growing threat to system security and resiliency.


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Webinar - 1 p.m. EDT

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