Uncharted Territory: Building New Pathways to E-Mobility Resilience

Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0 - A Guidehouse Webinar Series

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Watch the third installment of a new Guidehouse webinar series, Pathways to Resilience: Infrastructure 4.0. In this webinar, Guidehouse’s experts examine e-mobility as the world plots how to recover and best respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Panelists will explore the lasting impacts on both business and society and what they mean for the future transportation sector.


The COVID-19 pandemic has triggered an economic impact unlike anything the world has experienced in living memory—never before have multiple sectors of the economy been almost completely idled for weeks or months. The crisis also happens to coincide with the beginnings of a transformation in how people and goods are moved. Ground transportation companies are accelerating the shift toward electrification, automation, services, and connectivity. These changes extend well beyond vehicle manufacturers to service and platform providers, infrastructure providers, policy makers, and utilities. The ultimate goal of building a more sustainable world remains, but the pathways to get there have almost certainly changed. 


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Webinar - 1 p.m. EDT

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