How Financial Institutions Can Help Catch Human Traffickers

FIBA webinar

Join Guidehouse and Holland Knight for an in-depth discussion on how banks can leverage data from public-private partnerships and new applications of machine intelligence technologies to better detect the proceeds of human trafficking in their systems. We will look at how banks have traditionally tackled this problem using a combination of Know Your Customer and Transaction Monitoring efforts and discuss why these efforts are difficult to apply to the human trafficking problem. 
Our discussion will close with case studies, illustrating how data sharing and advances in technology can tackle this problem from a new angle allowing banks to be more proactive rather than reactive in the fight against human trafficking.

We look forward to your participation!


Alma Angotti
Partner, Financial Services
Co-Head, Global Investigations and Compliance at Guidehouse

Tim Mueller
Partner, Financial Services atGuidehouse

Barbara A. Martinez
Partner at Holland & Knight LLP

Joe N. Dewey
Partner at Holland & Knight


Key Contacts

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