16th Edition Model Risk


This GFMI conference will allow delegates to hear from regulators regarding their perspectives on SR11-7 and how it can be implemented 9 years on. This will be discussed in relation to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) models and how firms can continue to be compliant whilst implementing these new models. The event will assess the continued concern for these AI and ML models and discussions will be had around the best approaches to overcome issues such as the validation and explainability of these modern models. There will also be an examination of the best approaches to an effective model inventory and the necessity of this alongside efficient model governance for overall successful model risk management (MRM) within financial institutions. Finally, the future of MRM will be discussed, including the development of AI for MRM and a look into the evolving concerns for model risk such as the climate crisis and the complexity of algo trading.

Our Ozzy Akay will present a case study on Day 2, September 24 on Credit Contagion: Potential Channels

In addition, Ozzy will be moderating the panel below with experts from Morgan Stanley, Charles Schwab, BNP Paribas and Quant University.

Evaluating the emerging concerns for MRM  (September 24, 4:45 pm)

Panel discussion will address:


Olga Collins
Global Head of Model Risk Reporting
Morgan Stanley
Scott Eilerts
Managing Director, Model Validation
Charles Schwab

Moez Hababou
Director, Model Risk Management 
BNP Paribas

Sri Krishnamurthy


Key Contacts

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