The US Presidential Election 2020 – Impact on Global Economic Sanctions

IHS Markit & IIIBLP Webinar

The winner of the US Presidential election will have a significant impact on global economic sanctions over the next 4 years. A key question for those working in compliance and regulatory affairs is how the Biden victory will affect specific sanctions programs relating to Iran, North Korea and others. Will the election outcome lead to a hardening of the current approach or will there be a change in direction?

The current sanctions policy regarding Iran, Executive Orders on Venezuela, the identification of new missile procurement networks in North Korea, political developments in Hong Kong and tariffs and restrictions on Chinese business entities have all steadily risen since 2016.

IHS Markit and Institute for International Banking Law & Practice will take the pulse of the last four years of sanctions policy and will examine how this may shift in relation to the Biden victory. Some of the key talking points of this event: what does the Biden victory mean for global economic sanctions? Will a Democrat approach be radically different than the past four years; is JCPOA back on the agenda, will US-China trade relations revert to their pre-2016 features?

Panelists will discuss these topics and their impact on sanctions;


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