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Alliance to Save Energy’s inaugural Active Efficiency Forum will offer a deep dive into the Alliance's Active Efficiency Collaborative. The collaborative is a community of industry leaders, NGOS, and public sector institutions working to accelerate the adoption of active efficiency, which encompasses new innovations working alongside traditional methods. It does this by deepening collaboration among stakeholders, cultivating champions, and developing strategies and policies to scale up active efficiency at federal, state, and local levels. The forum will serve as the culmination and release of the collaborative’s year-one deliverables, including Guidelines for Performance-based Utility Program Models and a Value Proposition for the Grid Benefits of Beneficial Electrification.

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Beneficial electrification -- the transitioning of end-uses powered by fossil fuels to electricity in circumstances where certain benefits are achieved – is a topic of great interest for policymakers. The benefits can be many: some forms of beneficial electrification come with direct energy efficiency gains, and if deployed together with demand flexibility, beneficial electrification can accelerate the decarbonization of the grid and enhance its utilization. However, how beneficial electrification is implemented is an important feature of whether – and for whom – it is beneficial, requiring careful consideration of the impacts on equity and energy costs, grid reliability and resilience, and emissions. How should policymakers and industry partners view this trend and how can it be guided to achieve the greatest benefit?




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