Pricing Transparency is Here- Lessons Learned & Strategies for Post- Implementation

The expanded Pricing Transparency requirements going into effect on 1/1/2021 coupled with a pandemic exposed a critical weakness in long-established managed care strategies. Prices for healthcare services have been entrenched in a historical foundation and inflated over time. This has resulted in a wide range of price variability, misalignment to established and emerging markets and finally positive and negative margin achievements across the service portfolio where organizational financial health is predicated on relatively small quantities of high margin or moderate margin high-volume services.

Many health systems are finding that traditional pricing approaches are insufficient in this “new normal” and must now move from a revenue to margin conversation. This webinar will provide an update on pricing transparency after 2 months post go-live as well as how health systems can reposition themselves to best weather market volatility in this new environment.

During this presentation, industry subject matter experts will examine:

  1. Pricing Transparency fundamentals - Provider and upcoming Payer requirements
  2. Early lessons learned and observations post 1/1/21 implementation
  3. Pricing Transparency risks and opportunities
  4. Pricing strategies to position your organization for success


Key Contacts

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