ZEHTC: Testbed for a New Sustainable and Flexible Energy System

New Energy Landscape Series

This New Energy Landscape Series webinar, ZEHTC: Testbed for a New Sustainable and Flexible Energy System, will give attendees the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the ZEHTC, based at Siemens Energy’s gas turbine test facility in Sweden. It will offer a look at this ground-breaking facility for a genuine understanding of the vital research and knowledge-building that will be conducted there. The ZEHTC virtual tour will be followed by a live discussion, where the expert panel will explore key related areas, such as the necessity of a stepwise approach to the energy transition, the challenges in different parts of the world and in different market sectors, fuel-flexible, hydrogen-ready gas turbines’ role in the energy mix, and the importance of other energy system components, e.g., energy storage, and power-to-x, sector coupling.

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