Missing Maps Mapathons

A humanitarian project that maps areas to meet the needs of vulnerable communities.

When was the last time you used GPS to navigate around? While a significant amount of the United States has been mapped with incredible detail, this is not the reality for many vulnerable communities around the world, which leaves billions of people in challenging situations. This lack of mapping poses a significant obstacle for Red Cross workers and other organizations when delivering lifesaving aid to people struck by disasters. 

Guidehouse and the Red Cross are partnering with Missing Maps to host Mapathons on Tuesday, August 10th and Thursday, August 12th from 4-6pm ET to help build maps for vulnerable communities around the world. Last April, Guidehouse volunteers mapped 547 buildings in Bangladesh and Indonesia. Join us as we continue to make an impact.

This event is limited to Guidehouse employees and their household members 13 years and older. Both new and existing Mappers are welcome!

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