Banks in a World with Retail CBDC

Global Fintech Fest 2021

This second edition of the Global FinTech Festival (GFF) has been specifically conceptualised to harness some of the best minds to deliver strategic insights on the current transformation of the ecosystem globally, position strategic activations to attract higher investments, derive a future-proof road map and upscale the knowledge base.

With the theme FinTech: Empowering a Global Digital Economy, GFF 2021 will provide an in-depth understanding of the latest business, policy, investment and technology developments within the FinTech landscape globally. We look forward to three insightful days on conferencing, Expo and Startup engagement.

Join our Alma Angotti on September 29 as she shares her insights on Banks in a world with retail CBDC 18:45 - 19:25 (IST) / 09:15 AM - 09:55 (EDT)


Key Contacts

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