RIMS - ERM Conference 2021

November 11-12th, 2021

Companies are under increased scrutiny from stakeholders to take positions on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues such as COVID-19, diversity, equality, and climate change. Inaction or ambiguity can lead to dire consequences such as financial or reputational damage. As businesses continue to face ESG challenges it’s imperative that risk professionals begin incorporating an ESG framework into their ERM programs.

On November 11–12th, the premier enterprise risk management (ERM) event, RIMS ERM Conference, will feature valuable interaction with experienced speakers, relevant and practical presentations, and knowledge-sharing opportunities with your peers. Gain new strategies to take your risk management program to the next level. As risk management grows and gains visibility, the connections you make will help you advance your organization and your career.


On day two of the conference, Guidehouse will be hosting two sessions: 

A Wake-Up Call and Opportunity to Integrate Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Risk Management and Enterprise Risk Management

Recent, widely-reported cybersecurity breaches served as a wake-up call: Having separate cybersecurity, supply chain, and enterprise risk management (ERM) disciplines and units within an organization is increasingly untenable. Today’s reality is that these are all intrinsically linked, interwoven and, as a result, interdependent. A robust cybersecurity posture requires a foundation built on trusted, validated supply chain systems, with effective ERM capabilities and practices supported by relevant business activities, governance and culture. We will explore recent incidents and viewers will gain with actionable steps to move towards an integrated view of opportunities to address organizational risks through the lens of ERM, cybersecurity, and supply chain risk management.

Hosted by: Kate Sylvis and Marianne Bailey

Buyer Beware, and a Call to Action: The Critical Relationship Between ERM Maturity and Value Creation

 Organizations receive a word of warning: embrace the transformational capabilities necessary to achieve at least a full Level 3 maturity in their ERM journey or they may want to revisit starting their program in the first place. Leading up to this warning, and with the new RIMS Risk Maturity Model in mind, this session will explore the foundational benefits maturity models can provide in assessing and benchmarking an organization’s current ERM capabilities. We will link these models to an exploration of value generated at each stage of progression through the capability development depicted in the model.

Hosted by: Dave Fisher



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