Digital Identities and CDD/KYC Innovation

FinCrime Canada Summit

The last 18 months have brought a rolling series of crises and challenges to fincrime professionals, from the global pandemic, to the rise of emerging criminal typologies encompassing everything from transnational cybercrime to emerging terrorist financing threats. To harness those opportunities and evolve with a changing world, you need the right knowledge. network and skillset. Find those at the second annual FinCrime Canada Summit, the premier virtual event focused solely on financial crime issues and challenges for the Great White North.

This isn’t your average virtual event - we’re packing three days with training, interactive networking, opportunities to connect with experts and your peers, and much more. The focus is on equipping you with practical tools and guidance to tackle the present and future of financial crime threats, and thrive in the Canadian market, in a format that fits your schedule and respects your time.

For many institutions this past year, it wasn't the CEO or CTO that led to a digital transformation in their operations - it was COVID-19. As financial services have gone digital, critical compliance operations like KYC/CDD have sometimes struggled to keep up. Innovations around digital identity are promising, but how do you cut through the hype and make meaningful changes in your program? In this session, our Steve Alsace joins Paul Burak from ShakePay and Vadim Slavin from GlobalID to discuss the next wave in identity and how it impacts your financial crime programs. (Day 2 | November 17, 1pm)




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