APPrO 2021: The Electric Future

The 33rd Annual Canadian Power Conference and Networking Event

Canada, Ontario and the power industry face two major questions: how to achieve net zero targets effectively and responsibly, and how to adjust existing policy and regulatory systems to adapt to successive waves of new technology. Canada’s power industry is vital to the historic shifts now underway towards electrification, decarbonization, and digitization, both at home and abroad. Which sub-sectors should electrify first and how can the investment and innovation be managed responsibly? In particular what needs to be done to ensure the necessary policy, regulatory and financial mechanisms are aligned to expedite progress without creating inefficiencies?


APPrO 2021: The Electric Future will seek answers for the pressing questions of how to ensure decarbonization efforts are both effective and economic, leveraging Canada’s clean power assets to benefit the entire economy in the transition.

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