Developing a Sustainable Approach to Grid Modernization Investment Planning

Copperleaf AES


Grid modernization is having a profound impact on the nature and regulation of North American utilities. It represents a major change to the way energy is managed, distributed, and used—today and in the future. 

Many utilities are facing significant obstacles related to grid modernization—and new challenges continue to emerge to accommodate distributed energy resources and increased stakeholder engagement in resource planning decisions. Common approaches to investment planning are no longer viable. Utilities must evolve their planning and decision-making processes to be successful in this evolving business environment.

In the webinar, "Developing a Sustainable Approach to Grid Modernization Investment Planning," participants will learn what drivers and challenges are associated with grid modernization, why typical approaches to grid modernization are no longer viable, and how AES’s shift in planning is proving to be more cost-effective and sustainable.

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Webinar - 1:00 p.m. EST

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