Key Actions to Achieve Net-Zero

It is a critical time in the global effort to address Climate Change. The recent IPCC report adds to growing momentum for cities, provinces/states and countries to plan for and implement changes which will achieve Net-Zero. Achieving Net-Zero will require a transformation of energy systems which support our economies. Addressing this problem will require unprecedented global collaboration.

To achieve global-scale goals, the largest emitting sectors, processes, and businesses around the world must acknowledge the situation and take swift action across each of the four largest emitting economic sectors: power production, transportation, industry & manufacturing, and buildings. Within the power sector, achieving deep decarbonization and climate resilience goals is a journey that will require regulatory & policy engagement, detailed investment planning, implementation of new customers programs, and strategic changes within energy sector organizations. Understanding decarbonization pathways provides insights required to support policy and regulatory frameworks that address equity (affordability), unintended consequences such as potential stranded costs, and other manageable issues associated with the transition.

During Electricity Canada's Conversation Series: Key Actions to Achieve Net-Zero, Andrea Roszell and Danielle Vitoff, directors, will discuss electricity sector key actions over the next five years which would include:



Webinar - 1 p.m. EDT

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