The Crypto Explosion – Crime Financing, and the Looming Threat for the Financial System

Webinar with Ayadsi

The explosive adoption of “trustless” networks, digital currencies, assets and their associated commerce has created a perfect environment for innovative and difficult to combat crime funding mechanisms. A combination of anonymity, ease of use and the ability to circumvent international borders and regulations make them almost perfect criminal financing tools. Add to that a growing gap between accelerating innovation and oversight, and the challenge to the financial system over the next decade is profound. But there is a chance for Financial Institutions to gain control, add oversight and transparency with regulators, by leveraging innovation equal to the challenge. Join us for this insightful session as we discuss the techniques, challenges and tools for Financial Institutions as they respond to this difficult new conundrum. This session will address:


Simon Moss, CEO – Symphony AyasdiAI
Alma Angotti, Partner –  Guidehouse & Global Legislative and Regulatory Risk Leader


Key Contacts

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