The Evolution of Money & Regulatory Considerations

ACAMS Fintech & Crypto Summit

Financial systems are evolving from traditional banks to "novel" institutions with the use of Cryptocurrency & DeFi.

While there are regulatory concerns regarding a system that is still evolving, the future regulation of cryptocurrency could present the same benefits as the regulation of the existing financial system. Those benefits would include “consumer protection, systemic stability, safety and soundness, and combating illicit finance.” In this panel, we’ll discuss what lies ahead to harmonize regulations for new & existing systems. Attending the upcoming ACAMS FinTech & Crypto Summit? Don't miss this Innovation session entitled: The Evolution of Money & Regulatory Consideration presented by CipherTrace.

Rob Triano, CAMS, Director of Crypto Risk, CipherTrace
Karen Hsu, Chief Marketing Officer, Appdome
Samantha Pelosi, Senior Director, Risk & Regulatory Compliance, Guidehouse Technology




Marriott Marquis, San Francisco

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