Metro 2®, e-OSCAR and the New FCRA/CFPB Compliance Requirements

Lorman Webinar

Understand common furnishing challenges and issues in the accuracy and integrity of credit reporting.

This course helps data furnishers understand and potentially resolve complex credit reporting scenarios and situations through discussion of recent industry trends and risks, as well as live use cases of complex scenarios. Frequent updates to regulatory requirements and the necessary format for providing account- and consumer-level information to the credit reporting agencies require a constant review of the changes by data furnishers. Specifically, this material will offer an overview of the enhancements driven by COVID-19. This course will detail recent enforcement action and litigation that companies may want to address proactively in reporting approach, policy, or procedure. You will also receive examples of common issues affecting furnishers today, their impact on furnishing or servicing, and ways to avoid them.

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