Women in Housing & Finance Annual Symposium

The Women in Housing and Finance, Inc. (WHF) 2022 Annual Symposium entitled "How Innovation in Housing & Finance Is Leading Us Into Another Roaring 20's" will focus on the effects of technology innovations on the housing and financial services industries. Alanna McCargo, President of Ginnie Mae, will provide a keynote address. 
Panels feature leaders, innovators and policymakers discussing:

Guidehouse is a proud Platinum sponsor of The Women in Housing and Finance, Inc. (WHF) 2022 Annual Symposium. Guidehouse Partner & WHF President, Kathryn Rock will be doing the opening/closing remarks for the Symposium.

Guidehouse Sessions:

Advances in Housing Technology: Equalizer or Trojan Horse?

Time: 1:05 – 2:05 p.m.

The debate continues.  Advances in housing and home-loan-related technology, whether it’s new credit-scoring models, mortgage underwriting algorithms, automated home appraisal solutions, the rise of “digital” mortgage lenders, or targeted marketing tools, hold promise for promoting greater access to housing opportunity – in addition to gains in efficiency, speed, lowered costs, and overall customer satisfaction.  These same technologies are also viewed with skepticism by policymakers, regulators, and racial justice advocates: automated solutions, artificial intelligence, and non-traditional data sources may simply mask, or worse, replicate, existing biases – rather than eliminate them.  Against the backdrop of a continuing national re-awakening to racial justice issues, and the administration’s laser-focus on the racial wealth and homeownership gap, our panelists consider the practical, policy and regulatory concerns surrounding advances in housing technology.

Moderator: Matt Moosariparambil, Director, Financial Services



Positioning for Success in the Age of Digital Assets

Time: 2:15 – 3:30 p.m.

As digital assets enter the mainstream, there is abundant opportunity for innovation and growth across the financial services industry—for traditional institutions and new entrants alike. Both groups, however, will face challenges.  Traditional institutions will need to build the technological and compliance infrastructure to position themselves to offer digital asset products to their customers, while new entrants will need to develop mature risk management capabilities and discipline to build confidence in the industry and demonstrate that they are credible business partners.  Financial services firms of all types and sizes will need to navigate a shifting regulatory landscape as policymakers weigh the risks and benefits of these new technologies.  This panel will explore the factors that will play into building a successful economy in the age of digital assets.

Moderator: Alma Angotti, Partner and Global Legislative and Regulatory Risk Leader, Guidehouse





Washington D.C | Virtual

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