“Snow-Verwhelmed”—Lessons for Risk Managers From the January 2022 Shutdown of 1-95 in Virginia

AFERM and the Center for Excellence in Public Leadership at The George Washington University

As a snowstorm headed for the mid-Atlantic region in early January 2022, Virginia state agencies activated and relied on the same readiness plans they had used to successfully manage and respond to previous storm events. The snowstorm overwhelmed the region, resulting in the closure of 48 miles of I-95 in Virginia, stranding hundreds of motorists overnight on the roadway in frigid temperatures. An after-action report pointed to a confluence of factors, cascading risks, and unexpected challenges that contributed to the severity of the risk event. Register for an upcoming webinar hosted by Association for Federal Risk Management (AFERM) and The George Washington University where panelists will discuss what happened and highlight some of the report’s findings. Our Thomas Holland will participate in the panel by providing insights on risk assessment and risk monitoring. 


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