ISACA Summer Seminar – Shifting to High Value Work Through Technology

Technology continues to evolve advancing operational efficiency by enabling personnel to focus on high value work and deliver outputs of higher quality and in a more expedient manner.  Join ISACA Greater Washington DC and Guidehouse for its summer seminar on Shifting to High Value Work Through Technology.

IT program managers and professionals, information system functional users and business owners, business executives, students or professionals interested in adopting emerging technologies to enhance operational efficiencies of organizations should attend this event.

There is no fee for this virtual event!

Topics and Presenters

Machine Learning Adoption to Fight Financial Crime

Presenters: Salvatore LaScala and Tim Mueller (Guidehouse)

“The adoption of machine learning (ML) in fighting financial crime will likely explode as technology solutions become more effective and efficient—driven by work-stream prioritization, product maturity, and refinement of implementation processes.”

This was the key takeaway from a global survey conducted in 2020, “The Evolving Role of ML in Fighting Financial Crime,” conducted by Guidehouse and Compliance Week, in partnership with the International Compliance Association. While survey responses demonstrated similarities between US and Europe (UK/EU) organisations, our analysis also identified notable differences among participants in both regions. This article examines key areas where European survey responses deviated from those by US or global participants. This should be of particular interest to European organisations wishing to benchmark maturity against both global and European peers.

Process Automation – An Untapped Opportunity for Government Agencies

Presenter: Caitlin McGurn (Guidehouse)

Government and public sector organizations today are under constant pressure to generate more value, enhance their operational efficiencies, and attract and retain skilled employees—all while facing increasing levels of risk and public scrutiny.

Within such a dynamic environment, leveraging automation is key to transforming an organization’s operating model. The challenge is that implementing and monitoring controlled, automated processes can be complex, costly, and require specialized resources. Many organizations perceive developing automated processes as “a moving target” requiring constant improvements and new emerging technologies.

Conversely, this presents the opportunity for organizations to apply custom, targeted solutions focused solely on their needs with the help of a team experienced in implementing such bespoke solutions.

In 2020, FedScoop surveyed federal and state government IT, business, and program executives on their organization’s automation environment maturity. A large majority of respondents to this survey foresee considerable value in using automation—with 48% of respondents reporting already-implemented tools have saved them 5,000 to 100,000+ hours of work, allowing their staff to focus on higher-impact efforts.


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