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Professionals in natural gas energy supply, transportation and storage gather at Western Energy Institute's Energy Management conference for presentations and roundtable discussions focused on Western North America’s demand outlook and factors expected to influence the cost of delivering natural gas. This collaborative atmosphere, combined with the attendee’s high level of expertise, leads to complex and analytical discussions regarding long-term forecasts, international energy demand, LNG updates, the price of carbon, renewable developments, electric/gas convergence issues, renewable natural gas, and the influence of storage and infrastructure projects.

Guidehouse participants: 

Decarbonization trends continue to grow stronger across the West. Increasingly, polices and pressure from stakeholders is setting the expectation that utilities will deliver on a decarbonized energy system. But how likely are these trends to evolve and how quickly will they reshape the natural gas sector across the West. What does the next 3-5 years look like, how about the next decade? And what solutions will really win out: electrification, hydrogen, biomethane, carbon capture? Guidehouse’s Danielle Vitoff will share insights on the evolving natural gas market and the role that current decarbonization trends will have on reshaping fuel supply and demand across the West. 



Rancho Mirage, California 

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