2022 ACFE Government Anti-Fraud Summit

Join industry experts and anti-fraud professionals online for the virtual 2022 ACFE Government Anti-Fraud Summit on November 4, 2022. Hosted by the ACFE Law Enforcement and Government Alliance, this event delivers the latest insights, techniques and tools to address anti-fraud challenges specific to law enforcement and government agencies.

Guidehouse will have a virtual booth at the conference.

Guidehouse Session:
Fraud in the Age of Identity Theft: Balancing Privacy and Access in Digital Identity Proofing

Time: 4:05 – 4:55 p.m. EDT


In today’s environment, governments must meet the challenge of providing citizen services online smoothly and efficiently while combating fraud and enhancing privacy protections. The move to online services has been an enormous opportunity for fraudsters. Cybercrime was up 600% during the pandemic when many citizen services and recovery programs moved strictly digital. The ability to verify digital identities can challenge our privacy protections and aggravate existing social inequities. Join us as we discuss how to use digital identities while reducing fraud and balancing privacy and equity.
You will learn how to:
Identify common fraud schemes currently being utilized by cybercriminals
Determine how to set up a holistic risk mitigation plan to reduce fraud
Develop a plan to take privacy and equity into account when mitigating fraud risk

Speaker: Linda Miller, Partner, Financial Services




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