Understanding Synthetic ID Fraud and How to Combat it

It’s no secret that synthetic identity fraud (SIF) is a major issue all businesses face right now - with various studies establishing annual losses anywhere from $6 billion for online lenders to $20 billion for financial institutions overall. There is increasing evidence that taking a holistic and adaptive approach to fraud deterrence across your customer lifecycle is the best way to address synthetic identities.

Join this roundtable conversation to learn about:

  • The drivers behind the continued and growing risk of synthetic ID fraud
  • Concrete strategies to address SIF risk immediately
  • Next steps businesses should be taking to mitigate and minimize SIF risk going forward, regardless of company size and stage


  • Brian Killeen, Director, Financial Crime, Fraud, and Investigations, Guidehouse
  • Ahmed Siddiqui, CPO, Branch
  • Jeff Sakasegawa, Trust and Safety Architect at Persona


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