Financial Crime Risk Assessment and Control Framework – How to Save Time and Effort with a Robust Risk Assessment

Association of Foreign Banks Practice Workshop

Learn how to save time and effort with a robust risk assessment at this in-person workshop. This workshop, held in partnership with the Association of Foreign Banks, will explore why a Business Wide Risk Assessment (BWRA) is the foundation of a Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) Programme for banks.

Join this two-hour workshop to understand the importance of a robust risk assessment methodology, how to conduct a simple and effective BWRA and how to best utilise the results. Many financial institutions implement disparate and disconnected controls that don’t align with their financial crime risk exposure. Although a BWRA can be challenging to implement, it will save significant time and effort when maintaining the firm’s FCC Programme. More importantly, a good BWRA will ensure that resources are properly allocated and that actual business risks are addressed, while also keeping the regulators happy. Developing an adequate BWRA methodology and executing the BWRA can be even more challenging where a Bank is part of a group headquartered outside the UK.

This workshop will outline:

how to improve the effectiveness of money laundering (ML), terrorist financing (TF), proliferation financing (PF) and sanctions (hereafter “Financial Crime”) BWRA; and
how to construct a BWRA, to help establish and maintain a risk-based FCC programme.
What will members gain for use at their bank?

By the end of the workshop, attendees will:

understand the importance of a robust risk assessment methodology
learn how to conduct a simple and effective BWRA when time and resources are tight
discover five steps MLROs should take after completion of the BWRA

Guidehouse Speaker:

Priya Giuliani, Partner, Financial Crime, Fraud and Investigation Services

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