Controlling the HIV AIDS Epidemic through Data

The Department of State, which oversees the largest commitment by any nation of over $85B to address a single disease in history, required training and staff development to support its strategic vision to reach sustainable control of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic through collecting and using data in the most granular manner.

Guidehouse led the effort to design and deliver a 2-week training symposium with 45 sessions instructed by over 65 interagency experts and practitioners. Leveraging industry adult learning theory and training development frameworks, Guidehouse developed the curriculum and drafted collateral focused on analytic needs for decision making. The symposium, held in Johannesburg, South Africa, provided an applied learning platform to over 400 program and technical staff members from over 50 countries to strengthen and reinforce their use of data to implement the sustainable control of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

With the success of the symposium, the Department of State program subsequently implemented a focused effort on continuous learning and expanded the use of virtual learning and digital strategies across its teams and with in-country stakeholders. The training symposium resulted in a better equipped and informed global interagency team to plan, monitor, analyze, and report programmatic initiatives which have saved over 17 million lives, prevented millions of HIV infections, and have accelerated progress toward controlling the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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