IT Modernization: Cloud Modernization

Change and Innovation in the Cloud Journey with Tom Santucci – Episode 2

Guidehouse presents “IT Modernization,” a series of podcasts based on discussions with IT experts and visionaries from federal government agencies and the private sector who share behind the scenes insights into the innovative world of IT Modernization. 

In this episode of the “Cloud Modernization” podcast, Raquel Morgan of Guidehouse sits down to discuss the current environment of IT Cloud Modernization with Tom Santucci, Director of IT Modernization at the office of Government-Wide Policy U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Tom Santucci leads data center and cloud optimization initiatives and is responsible for driving federal agencies to implement cost-effective and efficient cloud data center infrastructure solutions. Mr. Santucci shares his insights on the cloud journey for federal agencies and the different strategies used. 

Guidehouse · IT Modernization – Cloud Modernization (featuring Raquel Morgan & Tom Santucci)
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