Automated Robots Providing Utilities with Options for Operations Improvement

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Guidehouse Insights looks at three major robotics technologies contributing to transmission and distribution improvement

Ground-based, line-suspended, and aerial robots (or drones) have penetrated the utility industry, providing utilities with more options for improvements in transmission and distribution (T&D) operations.

This market is expected to reach more than $13 billion in the next decade as adoption of robotics increases among utilities, and as the technology trends toward automation, which will remove humans from the equation to provide major cost savings.

In an article for Smart Cities Dive, Michael Hartnack, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, looks at what those technologies might look like when fully automated based on today’s market strengths.

“It’s easy to see the benefits of fully automated robot deployment into T&D operations, but impossible to overlook the challenges that lay ahead,” he said. “… The continued implementation of pilot programs for drones and robotics will push regulators to allow expanded programs and drive investment into new technology, and it is this new technology that will enable utilities to remove the human element.”

Read the full article to explore different use cases, and learn more in Guidehouse Insights’ report, Drones and Robotics for Transmission and Distribution Operations.

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