2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot

Guidehouse developed the wholesale market demand response section of Smart Electric Power Alliance’s annual report

Mass market and commercial & industrial (C&I) demand response (DR) programs are using advanced technologies to increase flexibility and savings as they phase out legacy programs, according to a new report from the Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA).

The 2019 Utility Demand Response Market Snapshot, which was produced in partnership with Guidehouse, North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center, The Brattle Group, and Parks Associates, shows that in 2018, DR programs dispatched 12.3 GW of energy savings to the grid, while total enrolled capacity, or how much saved power was potentially available, was 20.8 GW.

“Guidehouse was pleased to contribute to this integral resource for the demand response industry for the third year in a row,” said Brett Feldman, associate director at Guidehouse, who contributed to the report. “This year, we focused on DR in wholesale markets, looking at current status and future changes in each regional transmission organization, as well as general challenges and opportunities for DR in these evolving markets.” 

Additional key takeaways from the report include:

  • DR could deliver $15 billion per year of savings by 2030
  • The C&I market segment contributed the majority of the total reported enrolled DR capacity
  • Both mass market (residential and small business) and C&I programs are becoming more advanced with new tools and technologies enabling integrated DR programs
  • Regulatory mandates are providing incentives for demand reductions and motivating utilities to expand DR through integration of programs
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