Beyond the Electron: Understanding Transactive Energy

In episode five of the podcast series, Guidehouse explores transactive energy's potential impact on utilities and customers

beyond the electron 

Guidehouse’s podcast series, Beyond the Electron: The Energy Cloud, investigates the rapid transformation of the global energy system. Presented in partnership with Utility Dive, the podcast explores the emerging Energy Cloud and its key components of customer-centric platforms.

In episode five, Dan Bradley, managing director in Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment, is joined by Joshua Wong, president and CEO of Opus One Solutions, to discuss the power of transactive energy and its potential impact on utilities and customers.

As the energy system becomes cleaner and more distributed, the idea of transactive energy and how it could work in practice is becoming more realistic. The experts explore what has already been accomplished with transactive energy, and where they see it heading in the future. 

The podcast is also available on iTunes.

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