Internal Carbon Pricing for Future-Proof Supply Chains

Guidehouse and The Generation Foundation present new approaches for low-carbon procurement and supply chain management

In a new briefing paper, Guidehouse describes how internal carbon pricing (ICP) can help to future-proof supply chains against emerging policy and climate transition risks. The paper, prepared with The Generation Foundation under the Carbon Pricing Unlocked Partnership, presents nine approaches for using ICP in procurement and supply chain management. Introducing an ICP-adaptation of the well-established Kraljic matrix, the paper aims to help procurement and supply chain professionals from all kinds of organizations choose the most suitable ICP approaches for their purchased products and materials.

ICP is a tool that uses financial incentives to inform decisions and influence behaviour related to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It translates GHG emissions into the common language of money to help organizations manage their desired changes to decisions and behaviour in the low-carbon transition.

The best practice framework Guidehouse and the Generation Foundation developed aims to breakdown the complexity of ICP and support companies in designing their own ICP programs.

Find the full briefing available below and the executive summary here. Get even more insights by watching the webinar replay or download the webinar presentation.


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