Scaling Up Circular Actions in the Economy

Guidehouse explores key policy enablers for circularity in new WBCSD briefing

In a briefing for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), Guidehouse investigated how policies can help accelerate circular actions in the economy. The report highlights pioneers in circular economy policy and explores the key enablers behind these measures.

With more than half of global greenhouse gas emissions stemming from material extraction and production, addressing the recovery and reuse of resources through circular design has become an increasingly urgent cause.

Effective policies can help scale up circular actions and support businesses by stimulating innovative projects and long-term investments in circularity, facilitating collaboration, and producing tangible results.

The report offers recommendations for both policymakers and businesses on how to leverage the identified key enablers. The briefing builds on a previous Guidehouse analysis for WBCSD and aims to feed into the ongoing development of other initiatives and policies related to the circular economy globally.

In 2019, Guidehouse led the policy dialog on circular economy by investigating the key success factors for effective circular economy policy implementation across EU and Asia. We also developed the 2019 edition of the Circular Policy Action Brief, which covers more than 100 major circular economy policies in EU, China, and California. It highlights key development across regions, sectors, and circular business models and helps businesses to navigate the up-to-date policy environmental on the topic. This collaborative work by Guidehouse and WBCSD will be launched at COP25.

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