Toyota’s Approach to Autonomous, Electric Vehicles

In an article for GreenBiz, Guidehouse discusses Toyota’s latest news from January’s Consumer Electronics Show

The future of transportation will rely on electricity and electronics. While some companies are rushing towards it, Toyota is taking a more deliberate approach to transforming its vehicle fleet.

In a GreenBiz article John Gartner, director at Guidehouse, said, “Toyota is focusing more on developing technology platforms than pushing urgently for commercialization.”

At January’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Toyota announced its latest autonomous vehicle which is being used to test twin automated driving systems for guidance. Toyota, unlike other auto companies, has not expressed a plan to launch anytime soon.

At CES, Toyota also announced its participation in the Partners for Automated Vehicle Education coalition that will educate consumers on the safety of the technology. According to Gartner, “Automated vehicles are largely misunderstood by consumers, and the rare injury accidents reported in the media have reinforced the perception that they are dangerous.”

Toyota, known for popularizing the electric vehicle Prius, has been relatively quiet on plug-in vehicles. “The company, which claims 60 percent of all electrified vehicles on the road in the United States, intends to have 15 percent of its branded vehicle sales in 2020 to be electrified, most of which will be hybrids. Toyota continues to be one of the few automakers backing fuel cell passenger cars by offering the Mirai sedan,” said Gartner. 

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