Optimizing Buildings Through IT-Driven Automation

In a Facility Executive article, Guidehouse Insights explains why intelligent solutions are the next step in building automation

As the building automation solution (BAS) market evolves, large BAS providers are facing competition from providers of IT-driven solutions that leverage wireless, edge sensor, and cloud-based data analytics capabilities.

In an article for Facility Executive, Daniel Talero, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said IT enablement could be a good step forward for some building automation vendors. 

“For owners of large portfolios with traditional BAS in their facilities, leveraging intelligent building solutions can give them enterprise-wide optimization and savings,” Talero said. “This can occur through subsystem retrofits and new construction with higher level intelligent automation and control design specifications.”

He explained that the market will continue to evolve by merging operational and information technologies and creating new opportunities for all kinds of vendors including, technology innovators and traditional BAS providers. 

He also said intelligent building capabilities can assist with the COVID-19 outbreak, helping businesses meet crisis-level challenges through advanced automation, control, and predictive response.

“Long-term trends favor intelligent building adoption in many verticals, despite crisis impacts,” Talero said. “While the crisis will refocus investment in the short-term, the operational benefits of intelligent buildings and generally lower CAPEX required creates a compelling option for building owners seeking a cost-effective and resilient approach.”

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