COVID-19 Highlights the Need for Digital Tools in Energy Efficiency

In a Forbes article, Guidehouse Insights explains how the energy efficiency industry is being impacted by the coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted nearly every industry worldwide, and the energy efficiency industry is no exception. While some energy efficiency work can be done remotely, many programs have come to halt.

In a Forbes article, Sasha Wedekind, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said the pandemic is highlighting the growing importance of digital tools in efficiency and other energy projects.

As stay-at-home measures are being enforced, energy efficiency projects are stalling, resulting in delays and uncertainty about status, energy savings, and employments concerns for many workers.

While Wedekind believes that in-person work will always be essential for installing and maintaining equipment, solutions such as AI-powered smart building systems can support remote monitoring, controls, fault detection, and other features, especially on the commercial side of the business. 

“These capabilities are proving to be critical now as buildings stand empty and receive minimal in-person attention,” Wedekind said. “…Not having personnel onsite does not mean that building health and efficiency must be sacrificed while new smart building technologies push the boundaries of digital control.”

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