Examining Energy Storage for the Decarbonizing Grid

In a white paper for Eos Energy Storage, Guidehouse looks at emerging needs for increasing system duration

Most energy storage systems provide four hours or less of energy, but the need for longer duration storage is growing, particularly with the rapid growth of renewables coupled with retirements of traditional baseload generation plants.

In a white paper commissioned by Eos Energy Storage, Energy Storage for the Decarbonizing Grid, Guidehouse’s Sam Crawford, associate director; Ehud Abadi, associate director; and Shalom Goffri, director, examine the drivers, market opportunities, and technologies that will help fuel growth of the long duration energy storage market.

“As these trends create more challenges for maintaining system reliability, markets are likely to respond in ways that make the economics of long duration storage systems more viable,” the authors note in the white paper. “Further, a mix of commercially established and emerging storage technologies are positioned to capture greater market share as these markets evolve.”

According to the paper, the confluence of grid reliability needs, resultant economic opportunities, and associated technological solutions is expected to lead to rapid growth of the market for long duration storage.

Guidehouse Insights projects an average annual growth rate of 29% per year through 2027, reaching a market size of approximately $17 billion annually.

To learn more, download the white paper or watch this video summary.

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