Future-Proofing Electrified Public Transportation

Guidehouse and Enel Foundation publish a global perspective on the future of electric urban mobility

Together with Enel Foundation, Guidehouse investigated the challenges and opportunities offered by the electrification of public transport. With urban areas disproportionately contributing to global transport emissions, cities are in urgent need of decarbonizing their mobility options.

The Guidehouse and Enel Foundation experts reviewed case studies from around the globe to examine how different cities approach the problem of transport decarbonization. The analysis envisages several important co-benefits and positive outcomes for the residents of large urban areas in all global regions.

Each city faces a unique set of challenges resulting from local environmental issues, as well as its own transportation, technological, economic, and societal circumstances. Consequently, the experts explored a diverse range of solutions which can provide valuable insights for cities around the world.
Download the Sustainable Urban Mobility report
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