Hamburg's Path to a Climate-Neutral Building Stock

In the BundesBauBlatt, Guidehouse describes the results of a study on Hamburg’s thermal transformation

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Hamburg's goal of becoming climate neutral by 2050 has a major impact on the future design of buildings and their energy supply. At the same time, the city will have to provide a large amount of additional living space.

In an article for the BundesBauBlatt, Carmen Schlüter, architect in the energy department of Hamburg’s Agency for Environment and Energy, and Sigrid Lindner, Managing Consultant at Guidehouse, describe which strategies Hamburg is developing to meet these requirements.

Commissioned by the city of Hamburg, Guidehouse prepared an expert opinion using the "Built-Environment-Analysis-Model" BEAM2 in order to first record the initial situation of the building sector, as well as to contrast a business-as-usual development with more ambitious measures for climate protection.

The more ambitious while still realistic scenario is based on six identified measures in the area of energy efficiency in buildings and decarbonization of heat generation, such as decarbonizing district heating or increasing the renovation rate and depth.

Even the ambitious scenario would just miss a CO2 saving of 80% compared to 1990 levels. Essential efforts must be taken promptly in all of the identified areas of action in order to enable meeting the targets.
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