Lowering Demand Charges with Energy Storage

In a Utility Dive Brief, Guidehouse Insights discusses the benefits of battery storage integration into EV charging stations

As the rate of electric vehicle (EV) adoption increases across global markets, so does the demand for faster and more cost-effective charging stations. 

In a Utility Dive brief, Maria Chavez, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, said integrating battery energy storage into EV charging stations is a critical solution to the need for faster charging as well as a push to avoid peak demand charges. 

Guidehouse Insights anticipates steady growth in the energy storage for EV charging market over the next decade, with total global installed stationary storage expected to reach 1,900 MW by 2029. Referencing findings from a recent report, Chavez said that cost-effective charging technology is driving commercial & industrial adoption of energy storage for EVs, while resiliency concerns are driving consumer adoption. 

“Where charging infrastructure lags behind EV adoption, mobile EV charging will help meet the rising demand for charging capabilities,” she said.

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