The Growing Popularity of ACES Vehicles

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse explains why new forms of transportation are fundamental to the energy transformation

Transportation-to-grid (T2G) is an Energy Cloud platform that describes opportunities created by the electrification transformation. 

In an Energy Central article, Guidehouse’s Derek Jones, director, discussed why he believes the foundation of future value in T2G is autonomous, connected, electric, and shared (ACES) transportation modes. 

Jones believes the deployment of ACES vehicles in mass is an area with significant potential growth and material implications for the power industry. He expects there to be a focus on the connected and electric portion of ACES delivered through a retail model through 2030.

As ACES vehicles become more popular, the prospect of a large energy load coming online might give grid operators pause. However, Jones believes this will not create significant problems as managers and planners are adept at keeping their systems functioning. 

“Our prediction is that the collective global effort to address these, and other, rapidly evolving questions around ACES fleets unfurls a vibrant dialogue across the intersected power and automotive industries,” Jones said. 

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