Decarbonization Efforts Benefit from Expertise and Collaboration

In an interview for the Experts Only podcast, Guidehouse discusses its role in supporting organizations’ decarbonization goals and the drivers behind sustainability efforts

The cultural shift around climate change acceptance is inspiring more and more companies to embrace sustainability and begin decarbonization efforts—and navigating this process is easier with support from experts. 

In an interview for the Experts Only podcast, Jan Vrins, partner and leader of Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment, discusses Guidehouse’s white paper “Navigating the Decarbonization Journey” and the different pathways to sustainability it outlines, as well as the approaches Guidehouse takes to help firms on their decarbonization journey. 

“We have to be carbon neutral by 2050. Every organization—whether it is a public organization, government agency, or commercial organization—has to set those goals,” said Vrins. “Then, they have to put a plan in place.”

From the importance of establishing sustainability as a core function area within organizations to drivers behind adopting business sustainability practices, Vrins explains that meeting all parties’ expectations around business practices is crucial to making decarbonization a success. The Experts Only interview also focused on trends in sustainability as well as the need for collaboration between corporations, governments, stakeholders, and consumers.

“These problems cannot be solved in silos. They are too big,” said Vrins. “You have to have collaboration between the private sector and the government at all levels to solve some of these big issues.”

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