Action Plan to Accelerate Renewable Gas Integration in Europe

Guidehouse supports the Gas for Climate consortium on furthering the role of renewable gas in 2050 energy system

As Europe determines the actions needed to reach independence from Russian energy imports, it is focusing particularly on the natural gas, which currently covers more than 40% of European Union (EU) consumption. This independence should coincide with an accelerated energy transition while minimizing negative effects on households and companies. A quick ramp-up of renewable gases, such as biomethane and green hydrogen, is key, according to the European Commission’s ambitious REPowerEU communication. 

The Gas for Climate consortium developed a 10-point action plan to rapidly implement the REPowerEU targets for renewable gases. The action plan proposes measures to scale up renewable gas supply and develop the market, increase funding for critical technologies and streamline permitting procedures, and manage the integration of biomethane to the existing natural gas network and the development of an integrated hydrogen transmission infrastructure. Most of these actions could and should already be implemented by the end of 2022, while other can be fully implemented by 2030. 

The urgency is clear, and if the action plan is implemented as a whole, it could significantly contribute to more sustainable, secure, and affordable energy in Europe.

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