Customer-Focused Mindset Paving the Way to Net Zero

Guidehouse Partners Jeff Lewis, Chris Rogers, and Ted Walker explore the key innovations and strategies that utilities are embracing as they pave the way to net zero.

Once the U.S. economy’s single-largest carbon emitter, the electric power sector has embraced ambitious emissions reduction targets on the road to a clean energy future.

In a new article by Edison Electric Institute, Jeff Lewis, Chris Rogers, and Ted Walker, all partners in Guidehouse’s Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure segment, explore the key innovations and strategies that utilities are embracing as they pave the way to net zero.

"As we are shifting the energy source from carbon to renewables, the fundamentals of the way the grid operates change dramatically."

— Chris Rogers, Partner, Guidehouse

In 2023, electric companies invested an estimated $167.8 billion to make the grid stronger, cleaner, more dynamic, and more secure. Those investments are informed by factors, including projected regional load growth, extreme weather events, and age and condition of existing infrastructure.


"Electric companies need to find ways of partnering with customers of all shapes and sizes and playing an impactful role in customers’ decarbonization journeys."

— Ted Walker, Partner, Guidehouse

As utilities and communities increasingly partner with each other to solve pressing challenges, this collaboration can help utilities better understand the needs of the communities they serve and make more effective investments. And as the pace of technology modernization continues to accelerate, it will be critical for stakeholders to continue to engage with one another to update their roadmap forward.


"A holistic view of reaching net zero … will be needed to ensure customers and communities understand and are equitably benefiting from this energy transformation."

— Jeff Lewis, Partner, Guidehouse

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