Fed Up with Managed Care, Hospitals Form New Insurance Company

Guidehouse's David Mosley via Mississippi Today

Non-profit groups routinely list Mississippi as the unhealthiest state by a number of major indicators, from smoking and obesity to diabetes and stroke. But healthcare providers are watching the state and a healthcare model that could provide a template for hospitals around the country.

The Division of Medicaid is expected to award contracts to three insurers under its managed care program, MississippiCAN. One of the companies bidding is Mississippi True, a non-profit model of managed care that breaks the mold of publicly held companies dominating the insurance landscape. If Mississippi True gets a contract, it will be the first large-scale statewide provider-sponsored health plan in the United States.

There are a bunch of other states waiting to see what happens and if they can make it work because they know they're at risk... Hospitals are losing profits across the country. Mississippi is a notoriously difficult state to insure. You have a population with a lot of unhealthy habits, and you're not going to change them by saying, 'this is a better way.'

David Mosley, Guidehouse via Mississippi Today

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