AdventHealth Quality Expert's Insights on the Impact of Payer-Provider Collaboration on Care Management

Guidehouse On Healthcare Podcast Series

In this episode, AdventHealth’s Vice President of Care Integration and Quality Jill Piazza discusses lessons learned from AdventHealth’s Population Health Services Organization (PHSO) on ways payers and providers can more effectively collaborate to develop highly targeted, high-impact approaches to care management, or health management. Piazza describes the challenges and benefits of health management, how goals differ between payers and providers, and successes her organization has achieved. Piazza and AdventHealth's PHSO were featured in a November 2018 white paper from the Health Plan Alliance and Guidehouse.

As Piazza states, “When we built out our pathways and protocols for how we were going to manage…chronic conditions, we established principles to guide that work to ensure we were promoting whole-person care, that it was aligned with our mission, and we weren't just focused on a single disease state. That made a big difference in the actual experience of participating in health management. Unlike the traditional disease management programs that you typically see under a health plan where they might only manage diabetes, but not any of their other comorbid conditions or none of the social issues that are really driving their continued hospital utilization, our approach targets all the barriers that a member's facing.”


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