Data Privacy and the Changing Landscape in Global Privacy Regulations

Guidehouse On Healthcare Podcast Series

In this podcast episode, Guidehouse Directors Stephanie Lewko and Brian Segobiano discuss data privacy as it relates to global medtech and pharmaceutical organizations, to include the risk from the substantial obligations and fines stemming from global privacy regulations.

According to Lewko, the universal need for enforcement of national and global regulations is a key issue. ”Privacy is a hot topic right now with more and more data breaches, new laws and regulations, and a continued increase on individual personal data privacy rights…it’s important to remember you not only want to have a program with policies and procedures and documentation to demonstrate compliance on a global level, you want to make sure that your employers are able to implement it so that you’re not disrupting your day-to-day operations.”

Segobiano adds that “the last several years have shown us that the privacy and enhanced regulations and the importance to patients and other consumers is here to stay. It’s critically important for organizations to make sure that they’re developing a structure around data lifec ycle management, managing third parties, understanding that information they have…it’s something that they can be audited against and, again, going back to demonstrating that it’s a commercial advantage.”


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