Building Stronger Communities Through Improved Disaster Resilience

The Mission is Possible Podcast Series

Mission is Possible Logo Guidehouse & American University’s School of Public Affairs present “Mission Is Possible,” a series of podcasts based on discussions in the National Security Sector. These important topics highlight the critical work that is being done across the U.S Department of Justice, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and other national security agencies.

In this episode of Mission is Possible, host Sasha O'Connell sat down with community-based Public Health and Emergency Management trailblazer, Dr. Goulda Downer. Dr. Downer is a nationally-recognized leader in strengthening the nation’s HIV clinical workforce within racial and ethnic minority communities. Following her successes in Public Health, Dr. Downer has now set her sights on addressing disaster inequities through community engagement.

Dr. Downer and Sasha O’Connell discuss:

  • Building resilience in underserved communities
  • Strategies to shape engaged and prepared communities
  • Best practices in achieving diverse leadership in emergency management
  • How to give every community member a voice in the effort to prepare for weather and climate disasters

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